Let me tell you about this girl....


May 2014.
This girl was in the peak of her unhealthy food and dieting behaviors.


This girl, believed crash diets were the answer to getting “bikini ready.” She restricted herself to 1,200 calories per day. She forced herself to do at least 2 hours of cardio a day. Plus an hour of weightlifting. She forced herself to eat a very small amount of foods. She forced herself to do “low carb, low fat, low sugar” …pretty much eggs, chicken, tilapia (still can’t eat the stuff to this day!) broccoli, oatmeal, brown rice and quest bars were allowed in her “clean eating diet.”

She would get angry and disappointed when the scale failed to drop.

She took laxative teas to cure that problem, temporarily.

Yes, she may have gained a “bikini body,” but she was miserable.

She was NOT HEALTHY, very insecure, and hungry in the process.

Unfortunately, she did not find true balance and a life FREE from dieting until YEARS down the road. BUT, she needs to remind people… Skinny doesn’t always equal healthy. (or happy).

Exercise can be ENJOYED. Not come from a place of punishment or hating your body. You can eat a variety of foods and still be healthy.

There’s not reason to follow a strict meal plan, calorie count, low carb diet, or anything else that makes you feel restricted. Eating a cookie doesn’t make you bad or fat. You don’t have to buy the healthy cookie option either.

You can change your life too. You can radically change your mindset around food, dieting, what’s healthy and so much more.

Which girl are you, are you the old me? If so, what’s holding you back from the change? What’s holding you back from freedom and pleasure with food?

THAT is why I am a coach. To help YOU find that freedom.