Trust yourself with food

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So...what the heck does it mean to "trust yourself around food"? 

I talk A LOT about trusting yourself with food because it is seriously so fundamental when it comes to ending that all or nothing mentality. 

Some common complaints I here when it comes to trusting yourself around food are:

"But what should I eat?"
"I can't stop over eating or binge eating."
"I just need to lose weight."
"I hate my body."
"I'll never be able to stop if I allow myself to eat that."
"I'm afraid of my appetite." 
"I have no control." 

We are so afraid of actually trusting ourselves! Is this you too?

But, here's the thing that you probably already know. We don't know the future. There are so many unknowns in our life. Especially when it comes to food and our body. One day the Keto diet is the best diet, the next day it's the Plant Based diet. It's so dang confusing and can be hard to trust ourselves and our body to know whats best. 

Years of dieting, deprivation and yo-yo dieting can also screw up your relationship and being able to fully trust yourself. 

The first thing you need to do to start trusting yourself and making peace with food is giving yourself unconditional permission to eat. If you you tell yourself you can't or shouldn't have a certain food, it can lead to feels deprived, uncontrollable cravings and most likely over eating or bingeing.

When you eat foods that you really want it helps with the process of making food choices emotionally equal. No shame, guilt or judgement on them. Can you eat a cookie and a salad and have your dignity still intact? Your food choices do not make you feel good or bad.  When no food is off-limits, the all or nothing mentality slowly disappears. 

If you need help with this all or nothing mentality, want to feel back in control when it comes to food and your body- reach out and schedule a free discovery call where we can uncover any blocks you may be having in this area! 

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