Thanksgiving Day Tips

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How to enjoy myself during Thanksgiving without guilt.

1) RELAX. One meal or one day of eating more than usual is not going to make you gain 10 pounds. SO, take 10 deep breaths and visualize how you want the day to go for you.

2) Drop the ON versus OFF mentality.  I don’t know about you, but I would think of Thanksgiving as a huge “cheat day”.  I would shove my face until I felt sick. Then, I would feel awful and beat myself up. I would exercise like crazy, go on a cleanse the next day...NO fun. When you “fall off track” – it sends a mixed message to your brain and it makes food seem like a reward. Food is not a reward. It’s neither good or bad.  If you are honoring your body, there is not need to be on or off track or needing to “start over” the next day.

3) Eat a good breakfast!  NO fasting until the big dinner.  Eat a good ratio of macronutrients- focusing on proteins, fats and carbs. If you show up starving, you WILL overeat. You can’t fight your body’s biology on this one. Eating will always feel frantic and uncontrollable if you’re restricting yourself.

4) Keep moving your body. Do something that feels good for you. A nice family walk, yoga, meditation, a run. This is not for a punishment. This is because you LOVE your body and want to feel good.

4) Focus on the family and friends. That’s what Thanksgiving is REALLY about anyway. You don’t want to look back on family gatherings and just think about how you were consumed by calorie counting or freaking out about overeating. There is so much more to life than trying to control your food intake.

5) Slow down, relax and enjoy your food.  Food is meant to be enjoyed and pleasurable! Be present!  Food is MEANT to be enjoyed- otherwise we wouldn’t have taste buds- am I right? Pick your favorite foods, skip the ones you don’t love, put  it on a plate and SIT DOWN TO EAT. Your body will be in the maximum state of relaxation and digestive functioning if you’re relaxed while you’re eating.

6) Focus on gratitude and the holiday itself. It’s THANKSGIVING- so what are you thankful for in your life? It’s hard to be consumed with anxiety around food when you stop and think about grateful you are for the life you DO have.

So, what are YOU most thankful for this year? Which foods do you want to enjoy and commit to eating GUILT-FREE this year? If I’m still pregnant-(lord help me) on Thanksgiving, my absolute FAVORITE food to enjoy guilt-free is sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans on top. MMMM.

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