My shorts don't fit!


My favorite shorts don't fit. 

I'm leaving on a beach vacation to Florida on Saturday.

What should I do? 


The old me would: freak out, have a panic attack, beat myself up, immediately go on a cleanse or try not to eat which would lead to binge eating and probably purging, which would then lead to feelings of guilt, despair and failure and I probably would have contemplated not even going on the trip.

Me now:
"Oh. My shorts don't fit the way I want them too. Hm. Better find some new shorts."  That's it.  No guilt, no crazy mind games, no shame, no quick fix diet...

So...what should you do if you gain some weight? 
1. Nothing. 
2. So what?
3. It doesn't matter.
4. Why is this such an issue? 
5. Go outside and look at a tree.

Weight gain does NOT equal a personal failure.Weight gain has NOTHING to do with who YOU are.Your WORTH has not changed because your weight has changed.

You and I can be HAPPY and SEXY no matter what our body looks like. 

If someone says to you, "You've gained weight." First of's NONE of their business. At all. But you could say, "Yep." So how's everything going in your life?"

If FREEDOM around FOOD has you gain weight, then maybe that is the weight you're meant to be at right now! 

Gaining weight isn't the worst thing that could happen to someone. Seriously.

"Don't worry about your body. it isn't as small as it once was, but honestly the world needs more of you." Grace Victory.  

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