My Mission as an Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition Coach


You probably see a happy and smiling girl in both pictures. But the bikini competitor who looked so happy and confident was struggling majorly and silently with an eating disorder. For eating disorder awareness week I want to share some of my story. 

I used to hide behind a mask of perfection.
I just wanted to be perfect.
I wanted everyone to like me.
I thought if I had the perfect body, everyone would like me.

I got a lot of attention growing up for my athletic body. 
I was a competitive swimmer, ran track and was very active.

Freshman year in highschool, I remember my dance teacher lifted up my shirt and said, “Look at Ciara’s abs!”

I equated these experiences order for people to like me and to get attention, I need to have abs and be thin. 

From this decision a 14 year old made, began a downward spiral with several different eating disorders.

The MINUTE I decided I needed to be thin, I started obsessing over what I ate. I started counting calories, over-exercising, only to start binge eating. 

When I started the binge eating, I knew it was bad. My only concern was how to get rid of those extra calories I was I started throwing them up. 

This cycle continued well into college.
The kicker? 
Not ONE person knew. 
I kept it a secret. 
I was terrified of anyone finding out I was doing this.

The SHAME I felt was incredible.

For eating disorder awareness week, I wanted to share a bit of my story. Eating disorders are sneaky. We think of people who have eating disorders as thin or sickly looking. 
There are many different types of eating disorders and challenges people face, many times in secret.

If you know someone who struggles, or who has struggled in the past, sometimes all they need is a friend to be there. Even if you don’t have the right words to say, that’s okay.

While I’ve overcome my struggles with binge eating, bulimia, body image and emotional eating, I know there are many others still struggling.

That is why I’ve made it my MISSION as an Eating Psychology and Mind Body nutrition coach to guide others step by step to freedom with food. 
If you’re struggling, I see you. I’ve been there. 💜 Please share this!