What you missed this week - June 25 - July 5

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June 25 - Body Shape and Health


You know the movies where the main character has a near-death experience, goes to the light, but it's not "their time" yet? So, God says to them, "You have lessons to learn first," and they get sent back to try again? The person usually comes back, says he loves the girl, or makes time for his family, quits his job, travels the world, etc.

Do you know what I noticed? God never sent anyone back and said, "You really should lose 20 pounds. 🤷‍♀️ I mean, right?

I feel like in our culture losing weight, or "being skinny" Is like the ultimate goal in life. If we aren't thin or fit, our lives should be miserable. I can tell you one thing , when I was at my thinnest and most "fit" I was the most miserable I had ever been in my life. Skinny or thin DOES NOT EQUAL HEALTH.

We need to start shifting the conversation around our body shape and health.

Now, this is not to say you are stuck being at a weight that doesn't feel right for you, and I'm NOT advocating to be unhealthy. So, are there times where you are feeling called to lose some weight and get healthier? Yes, of course!! BUT, in my world and in coaching, when we focus on other things in our life that are important to you and we address the real, root causes and stresses in your life, weight loss is usually a side effect .

When you start taking care of yourself and implementing things in your life that are fun and bring you joy, the weight loss will come if that is where your body is being called to do.

If you need help navigating or starting this journey, Let's chat! Send me a message and we'll set up a free consultation.

Do you have an experience like this to share?

June 26 - Empowerment and Control

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Do you feel out of control with food? 😬🌮🥖🥓🍪🍫
Do you feel like food runs your life and you are constantly thinking about what to eat, and your next meal?

I remember laying in bed after a night of feeling out of control with food and binge-eating on cereal and ice cream, just wishing I could eat like a normal person. I felt like this wasn’t the “real me.” Do you ever feel like this?

When I finally got to the root causes of my stress and and disordered eating patterns, I finally could have ice cream in the freezer without eating all of it in one sitting. It seems so small, but it was such a HUGE feeling of empowerment and control.

This quote was from an amazing client last week. She told me how free and awesome it felt to not feel controlled by the ice cream in her freezer anymore. Her success story she shared with me out of our work together brought me back to that same guilty feeling I used to have around ice cream and how amazing it felt when I found Freedom.

I absolutely love what I do and I’m so, so lucky I get to empower and help other men and women be the people they want to be and start to feel, happy and in control of their life.

If this is something you struggle with and you want to chat more about how Eating Psychology coaching can get you the results you want- shoot me a DM, or schedule a call by going to the link at the very bottom.

July 5 - Do you Still Struggle?


(((Do you still Struggle?!)))

A pic of me at the Sand Dunes beach yesterday.

99% of my days I'm good with my body. Eating, the number on the scale, the mirror and comparing myself to Instagram models doesn't bother me anymore. But other days... I get sucked in too, just like you! I GET IT. I just had a baby 7 months ago. And yes, I look in the mirror and still see “imperfections” according to society’s ideal body.

But instead of dwelling on this, going on a diet, or beating myself up like I used to, I say something positive to myself, smack my own cute butt and say, “Damn girl, you are such an amazing woman. You are sexy, strong AND, you are so much MORE than your physical body. You are caring, have a positive attitude, are a great wife, mom and friend and deserve to have it all!”

Is my body always where I want it to be? No. Do I love my body all the time? No. And I don’t think you have to love your body all the time. But, I do think that you can appreciate your body and work on that self-love no matter what weight or shape YOU or I am in.

And... This SELF-ACCEPTANCE mindset has been so important to me when working with my amazing clients. I help them... And THEY help ME as well. Incredibly rewarding.

Here's to new beginnings, unwavering confidence, rocking that swim suit and practicing self love no matter where you or I are at. ✌️