After the Feast


Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

SO, what do you do after the feast?? 

1. First of All, Forgive Yourself if you ate more than you wanted. Life is too short...and it already happened. No use staying in the past and beating yourself up. (Plus...negative self -talk=stress chemistry= weight gain.)

2. Hydrate.

3. Get Quality Shut-eye.

4. Fill Up on Fiber and Protein at Breakfast.

5. Move! Do something fun and light. (Don't exercise just to punish yourself!)

6. Avoid Hard to Digest Foods..If you've got a case of post-binge digestive distress, steer clear of any foods that may disrupt your tummy further. Big culprits include gluten, dairy products, coffee, refined sugar, carbonated beverages and acidic foods like fruit juice, pasta, alcohol, fatty meats and chocolate. Fruits, vegetables, green teas, almonds, lentils and avocados on the other hand are all more alkaline and won't upset those prone to acid reflux. Focus first on eliminating known problem foods and then decide if there are any others that you may need to avoid for a day or two to restore balance

7. Don't Starve as Penance. If you’re hungry between meals, eat something! Don’t deprive yourself of food just because you overdid it yesterday. Skipping usual meals or snacks the day after a binge will only increases the desire to overeat again. W recommend reaching for snacks rich in protein to promote satiety, like plain Greek yogurt with berries, organic turkey slices with avocado, a Quest Bar, or two eggs with a piece of fruit.

8. Shun The Scale. LIke for the whole 30 days okay? The number doesn't MEAN anything about you. And, it's normal for it to fluctuate from day to day depending on what you eat and how hydrated you are.