New Year, New You?




The "start over" or "re-do" mentality month. The "I'm going to be good this year" month. The "I ate like crap the past few months and stuffed my face but I'm 'back on track'"month.

I know how you feel. Many of my clients have the 'ALL OR NOTHING' mentality. They're either "perfect" on their diet or totally off the wagon. Maybe you struggle with this?

You wake up in January feeling motivated and stick to your diet, then by about January 26th, you're saying, "Screw it, it's too hard."

You think, "Maybe I'll always be over weight and miserable."

You're mad at yourself, frustrated and defeated. "It is SO easy for other people, why not me?"

Since finding freedom with food and becoming an Eating Psychology coach, January’s have a totally different outlook.

I wake up in January like I wake up on the 4th of July or any given Sunday. WITH EASE and joy. (Okay, some days I don't want to wake up, #humanbeing)

BUT, I wake up not with thoughts consumed with food, my body image, what I look like or what I'm going to do that day to try to ""get back on track.""

THERE IS NO WAGON OR TRACK to fall off of if you're not beating yourself up and putting yourself on the wagon in the first place.

90% of people who go on a diet gain it back within a year...and then some.

What's the point of restricting yourself and making yourself miserable then?

Back in January 2017, almost a 2 years ago, I gave up dieting forever. NO more restrictions, NO more before and after pictures to compare myself too, no more picking myself a part.

I have NEVER looked or felt better. (In my opinion, which is all that matters anyway.)

I have energy, confidence and FREEDOM with my body and food.

This crazy yo-yoing and hating on yourself has to stop.

What do you need to let go of this year to have your greatest health and body of your dreams?!

I'm starting to schedule free consultations as I'm getting back from Maternity leave and I'd love to chat with you about your struggles and goals. Please email me back and let's set something up!