Transformation from the INSIDE-Out.

(((Getting up on my pedestal....)))πŸ™„

So, yes. It's Tuesday. Yes, I'm going to talk about Transformation. But not just the physical kind.

Here I am- Bikini competitor, 37 weeks pregnant and like 2 days ago.

So, the other night I was going through a bunch of pictures from high school, and it made me have mixed emotions. I was looking at pictures of myself, remembering that I I thought I was fat and needed to lose weight. Like 20 pounds ago, literally.

Why do we do that to ourselves?

It made me sad because in the grand scheme of life, it really doesn't matter if you have extra weight on your body. Like... so what, you have a six pack… What are you going to do with that? How are you going to make a difference in this world?

In the first photo, I was exercising WAY TOO MUCH, and eating only fish and vegetables. I was MISERABLE... and so was my hubby... (because I was so tired and cranky all the time) poor guy. Ha!

And guess what… I was LITERALLY on stage thinking in my mind "I AM NOT LEAN ENOUGH. My legs are too thick, my waist isn't small enough, etc."

Like... DO YOU SEE ME?! DAMN! THAT is so sad. I thought competing in a competition would finally make me "happy."

Guess what? There is nowhere to get to. There is no happy "once you do this, or that."

You have to be happy and accept yourself for who you are NOW.

I have really grown a lot these past years since my competition...I DON'T compare myself to this picture any more, or to any other fitness professionals. I love ME for me. And yes, I like pushing myself to be a better version of myself daily!

I'm so proud of myself for focusing on the INSIDE out this past year.

Did you know this is the first January I didn't put myself on some crazy no carb diet, juice cleanse to get rid of the holiday weight gain?! Why?

Ummm... because I didn't gain a SINGLE pound during December!

It's all about BALANCE and acceptance and ENJOYING food. I've really been transforming my relationship towards food and my body image- and it's had a tremendous impact on my life. And... I want YOU to have that too.

SO, do yourself a favor, DON'T compare yourself to others, LOVE YOU for who you are AND who you're not.

Be happy RIGHT NOW!! NOT once you're a certain weight, or at a certain job, or once you get married, etc.

If one of your goals for 2017 is to love yourself for who you are, gain confidence and stop fighting the scale, then I'm inviting you to join my online fitness community and we can do it TOGETHER! πŸ™Œ

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