1.       Essential Oils: Lavender and Orange

I literally have been huffing lavender oil, putting it in my diffuser, and using fractioned coconut oil to slather it all over my body. Why?  Because of its many amazing qualities:

-eases anxiety (ummm HELLO!)

-eases tension in the head and neck (getting used to breastfeeding positions!)

-helps ease you into sleep (but doesn’t everyone fall asleep like a rock when they’re up every hour to feed a baby?)

-soothes skin irritations and itching

-helps with breast tenderness and muscle aches (hence why I slather it all over my body)

-allergy relief


The orange is heavenly to smell in a diffuser or on the insides of your wrists…(BIG INHALE!) Orange is also amazing because it:

-eases anxiety, anger and nausea

-helps with sleeplessness and fatigue

-eases heartburn

-helps with constipation (trust me, this is a good thing!)


2.       Placenta Encapsulation

Yes. It sounds really weird. And no, you don’t actually cook up and eat your placenta as many people thing. Ew. Placental encapsulation is where you ingest the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills. These are just some of the benefits it can help with:

-increases milk supply

-balances hormones (thank goodness right?)

-increases postnatal iron levels

-lessens postnatal bleeding

-prevents baby blues

-increases energy

-combats fatigue (Do you know what else combats fatigue? Sleep. But, that is in short supply these days.) 

After delivery, I made sure to have the nurses save my placenta. They place it in the refrigerator to keep it umm…fresh? Then, the midwife I had contacted a few weeks before in Colorado Springs came to pick it up at my house. In just two days, she delivered it back to me in cute little capsules. I have only taken them for a few days, but they seem to be helping…I seem to be not as hormonal and crying at every little thing.


3.       Shakeology

My secret weapon. Shakeology was approved by my OB and I drank it throughout my entire pregnancy and continue now! It has your daily dose of dense nutrition and is not loaded with crap. It has 70 non-processed CLEAN vital nutrients your body needs to operate at peak performance. Even if you eat super healthy, you’re still probably not getting everything you should be. Shakeology can help with that! It also helps with constipation because of the digestive enzymes…we all know that happens during and after pregnancy! To learn more about Shakeology- click here:


4.       GETTING OUT

Getting OUTSIDE literally and getting out of the daily grind of sleep, eat, poop on repeat does wonders for your sanity. Even just a quick five minute walk to clear your head or a quick phone call to a friend or loved one to vent has REALLY helped me stay sane. Join some mommy and me classes, hook up with other moms in your neighborhood, join some Facebook groups, etc. I am going to a breastfeeding support group every Tuesday at the hospital I delivered at. It has been super helpful, and a great way to meet other moms in my area!


5.       Postpartum Girdle

This has been AH-mazing! So, when you leave the hospital, you still look 5-6 months pregnant. NEWSFLASH! SO, when I came home, I squeezed into my BelleFit Maternity Girdle (it was really tight!) But, after a few days, it fit perfectly. It feels so good to have your back and belly supported. It also helps things go back in the right places. It binds and “splints” your belly to help your uterus shrink back down as well. Here is the website where I got mine:


***Have a good sense of humor***

From the moment you go into the hospital, to the moment you get home with new baby, your emotions are whacked. LAUGH at yourself. Laugh at your significant other and baby. I laugh everytime Eliana farts or poops. It is so cute and just adorable, and funny! With your fist baby, remember, you’ve NEVER done this before. You’re not going to be an expert. You’re going to make mistakes. That’s okay, live and learn. First time packing the diaper bag? I didn’t bring extra onesies, and baby girl peed and spit up alllllllll over herself. DOH! This is one of those moments you just LAUGH and learn. Finally, have some positive affirmations on hand and ready for those tough times. The 2a.m. screaming AGAIN after only being asleep for MAYBE 45 minutes…calls for some of these affirmations. While I’m rocking the baby back to sleep or feeding her, feeling anxious and frazzled, I repeat to myself out loud “I am calm, relaxed and happy,” and “Every day, in every way it getting better and better.” Just saying those affirmations helps your brain get in a more positive place. Try it out! Let me know how it goes.


As always, these are just my personal experiences, and I LOVE sharing with you and hearing feedback. Cheers to the next two weeks! ;)