What you missed this week - August 4 - August 10


- August 5 -


Just got off the phone with a client who has been doing the keto diet for over a year. She has been in severe gastrointestinal distress and has been extremely moody. Each week she has a “cheat day” where she binge eats in order to feel mentally stable. She has had a weight loss plateau and can no longer lose weight. She is tired of constantly obsessing over food.
Diets just don’t work.
And, I’m not against any of these diets really...
If you feel like your body is telling you to try something new, I think that’s great!
I can help guide you in that direction.
BUT, unfortunately...science proves to us that diets and restriction DON'T WORK.
They might look promising or exciting at the start. But there is ALWAYS a cost.

Costs of dieting:
-teaches the body to retain more fat when you start eating again.
-slows the rate of weight loss with each successive attempt to diet
-increases binges and cravings
-dieting is linked to eating disorders
-dieting gradually erodes confidence and self-trust.
And please...if anyone tells you, you need a diet or cleanse to be "healthy" it's outdated science! Are there certain foods that will help you? Yes. Are there certain foods that might not be as nutritious as other foods? Yes. But there is a place for all kinds of foods in your diet. You deserve to LIVE your life and not be worried about macros, counting, avoiding carbs and beating yourself up when you're going out to dinner with friends or family.

- August 7 -


A letter to my former self and what I needed to hear during this time of emotional turmoil and body obsession: “Dear Body, you were never a problem. There is nothing wrong with your size... you're good enough just as you are. You’re worth does not depend on the size of your body. Your happiness does not depend on the size of your body. You are loved and accepted . You are beautiful and perfect.”

If you wrote a letter to your body today, what would it say? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to forget? What are you proud of? What are you upset about? What are you grateful for? Put your answers in the comments below.

- August 8 -


"I'm finally starting to trust myself with food." 🤩

Do you trust yourself when you walk into a room full of chips, cookies, pizza or some other kind of yummy food? 🍕🥨🍪🍫🍿🧁
I know I didn't. I would eat what seemed "appropriate" or not at all in front of other people. Then I would wait until no one was looking and shovel in the food. I was ashamed. I thought something was wrong with me. I would feel bad and ask myself, "How come everyone else has willpower and not me? If I could just just stop over eating I would have the body I want by now!"

Can you relate?

Do you have fear and anxiety every time you eat, especially when "Forbidden foods" are all around?
What would it be like to fully trust yourself with food?
What would it be like to trust that you will be able to stop when you're full?

You deserve to have peace and freedom around food. Stop letting food control you. When I asked this client what has shifted for her the most around this fear around food she said, "I"m able to trust myself with food because of our work together. My blood sugar is balanced. I'm not starving myself and dieting any more. I'm eating carbs again. I'm feeling energized and working through a lot of my stress."

If you're ready to trust yourself and make peace with food- let's talk. Send me a message and we'll set up a call!

- August 9 -


Look in the mirror everyday and say to yourself, “I am beautiful, sexy, and WORTHY of love, success, and happiness.” Then BELIEVE IT.

Feel free to kiss yourself too like baby Emma.