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You are ready to give up
You have tried EVERY diet out there.
You have been obsessing over what you can or can't eat.
You have been a yo-yo dieter, and don't have consistency in your life.
You are feeling broken, like no plan or program will ever work for you.
You follow a plan for a few days, then totally fall off the bandwagon.


Each time this happens, your self-esteem stoops lower and lower, and you stop trusting yourself. You may have struggled with binge eating, bulimia, or another eating disorder for years. You need help not just getting back in shape, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You break down in tears when trying on clothes...and feel like you're never going to be good enough...

If so, you are NOT alone. I can help you transform all of this...for good.

Now you are looking to finally be that fit, strong woman you've always wanted. to be. Listen, I am your girl. I have been there, and I found the best way to BEAT the horrible cycle. of self sabotage and self-doubt.  I can help you, too! 



I am 100% committed to helping you reach your goals surrounding your health, wellness and mindset. We will work together as a team. I ask that you have an open mind, trust YOURSELF and the process and be fully committed to making a transformation. I only work with a limited number of clients to ensure you are getting the undivided attention you need. 

*Say goodbye to dieting forever. I will help you end the vicious cycle and self-sabotage. 
*Replace old, limiting beliefs with positive, empowering beliefs that give you new actions to take
*Fill your life with things that are important to you, like fun, freedom, and joy to truly nourish you from the inside out, so you're not consumed by your thoughts of dieting, weight-loss and food. 
*Boost your self-confidence and fall in love with your body.
*Reach your ideal weight without crazy diets and restrictions and have fun in the process.

NOT a quick fix:

Think about the last time you signed up for a “30 Day Cleanse" or "Your Best Bikini Body" or "Get Shredded for Summer" program. 

• Did you reach your goals afterwards? 
• If so, did you feel confident, happy, satisfied and at peace with your body? 
• If this was a "successful" program, why did the weight come back?

 Did you feel like you could sustain the program for the rest of your life and that you were beautiful just the way you were?

You probably felt just like a TON of other women do afterwards:

• Desperate for the program to be over so you could have a slice of cake with your kids
• Anxious to hop to the next diet or quick-fix to keep yourself "in control" 
• Maybe you're feeling guilty and downright frustrated after a post diet "binge"

I totally understand the constant battle with the YO-YO  diet roller coaster. 

• You’re “on” or you’re “off.” 
• You’re being “good” or you’re being “bad.”
• You feel deprived or completely out of control. 

And you ask yourself, “Does it really have to be this hard?”

No, it doesn’t. 

Your Strongest You coach will hold your hand and walk you through the exact steps you need to follow to get where you want to be… you weren’t meant to do this alone.  

It doesn’t ever have to be that hard again.

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Online VIP Private Community: Be a part of an inspiring community of like-minded people on a similar journey as you. I interact daily with posts, comments, and guidance. This is included in ANY purchase.

Monthly Coaching /Video Calls: These one-on-one calls is where the magic happens.  I am going to personally guide you every step of the way to the body and life you want. On the calls we’ll discuss your goals, struggles, breakthroughs, and challenges. You’ll leave each call cleared of any blocks that are holding you back and with action items to work on between calls that will consist of nutritional changes, lifestyle changes and assignments to shift your mindset and let go of any limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Supportive Materials: This looks different for each individual as my programs are extremely tailored to what you need and that can change often. This includes call recap notes, handouts,books, assignments and exercises to work on between each session. Accountability check-ins included.

Unlimited Email Access: 24/7 email access with a 48-hour turnaround, oftentimes sooner. Email me with questions, challenges, breakthroughs and celebrations and I will guide you through and support you in whatever you need. We are in this together.

Session 1: 90 minutes.  Initial Intake, Lifestyle and Dietary Assessment

Session 2:  Goal Setting, Why Diets Don’t Work Long-term, the Metabolic Power of Relaxation
Exercises-Lifestyle Inventory and Relaxation and Breathing Exercises

Session 3:  Willpower, Nutrition and Food Quality, Anti-nutrient list, Deciphering Food Labels
Exercises: Quality Shopping

Session 4:  Why it’s not just about food and exercise- Rhythm, Menu planning, Caffeine use, Sleep
Exercises: Eat regularly, balance macro-nutrients at meals, planning the time and size of your meals, Rest and Play

Session 5: The Metabolic Power of Awareness, Cephalic Phase Digestive Response, The Brain in your belly
Exercises: Be awake at the plate, Gut Wisdom Inventory, Whole Body Eating Steps, Eating to the Point of energy

Session 6: Bringing Pleasure Back- Understanding and conquering cravings, Sugar - Sweden and Thailand Case Study, Cholecystokinin, CCK and Neuropeptide Y lesson
Exercises- Pleasure Inventory (healthy foods, forbidden foods, personal pleasure)

Session 7: Movement Vs. Exercise, Stress Reduction and Self-Care, Marathon runner case study
Exercise:  A new way to move

Session 8: The Power of Your Thoughts, Good Food VS. Bad Food, How your Brain Eats, The Placebo effect
Exercise- Think Nutritionally, Changing your Core Beliefs, Inspiration Inventory

Session 9: Energy, Fatigue, Mood, Body Image, Overeating, Binge Eating,
Exercise-Mirror Work, Energy and Fatigue Inventory

Session 10:  The Metabolic Power of STORY- Who’s Eating-multiple personality case study, What’s your Story, a new nutritional beginning, a Happy Dietary Ending.
Exercise: Your Metabolic History, Rewrite Your Nutritional Past, Your New Nutritional Story

Session 11: Motivation and Willpower-Nutrition Lessons for the Soul- The symptom is the cure
Exercise: Daily Rituals, Sacred Foods, The Prayer Diet, Forgiveness and Healing, What is your Nutritional Soul Lesson? (Weight-loss, Depression, Fatigue, Digestive Health)

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